Planting Day - Saturday 10th March 2012
Welcome all to the blog set up to follow the plantings of Cheerfull Gold™ apple trees after the planting of the Huxley Orchard at Pershore College on Saturday 10th March.
We look forward to receiving your photos of the trees that you all took home after the planting.  Thanks to all of those who attended!
Please forward news/stories/photos of your trees to this blogs e-mail address, which is pershore.cherfullgold@gmail.com.

For information on the Huxley Orchard, please contact the following people:
Dr Theresa Huxley (of Sainsburys) – Theresa.Huxley@sainsburys.co.uk
Julia Page (Assistant Principal Warwickshire College) JPAGE@warkscol.ac.uk